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During our visits to Paris over the years we have stayed in various hotels from luxury five star chateaux to
comfortable three star hotels. Hotel de Varenne falls into the later category, we find we are happier there
than in some of the so called
Special Hotels
. Yes, at Varenne you are in a small left bank hotel, but they
know you, and they remember you, and that’s what we find special. When a hotel is run hands on by the
owner you are usually assured of good service. Jean-Marc Pommier, the owner, goes out of his way to
ensure you have a memorable stay. Jean-Marc’s many years experience in running hotels all over the world
holds him in good stead to look after your every whim. We know if you try Varenne once you will certainly
return again and again.
Hôtel de Varenne
44, rue, Bourgogne 75005 Paris +331 45 51 45 55